Pre-Event Attendee Engagement Tips for Meeting Company Goals

Highly interactive events enable brand awareness and enough face-to-face convos to hit (or maybe even exceed) company business goals. Your event’s success depends on the level of engagement from your guests, plain and simple. And you want that level to be higher than the bid from the old-airplane-hangar-turned-hot-venue in town. (Seriously, how is that place […]

How to Make Your Events More Interactive

Planning events can look a lot like covering the physical needs of attendees first and foremost. Since those details are already pretty stressful, audience learning and getting your message across can often take a backseat. It’s good to keep in mind what exactly you’re doing all of this hard work for: reaching your target audience. […]

How Big Data Affects Your Event’s Success Rate

Whether you’re planning a corporate event, trade show, launch party or conference, every detail should be catered to (no pun intended–okay, maybe a little) event attendees. Guests should be a good picture of your target audience, and the big show is all for connecting and engaging with those audience members. Sometimes events get so convoluted […]

The Best Methods for Following Up with Event Leads

You’ve planned this company event in excruciating detail. You’ve powered through the vendor complications, navigated the awkward interactions, forded the stream of steady hiccups that arose the day of the event. Once you’ve finally sighed in relief, it’s time to reap the benefits of your labor. Those hot leads aren’t going to mine themselves, and […]

You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea: Understanding Your Target Audience for Corporate Events

Corporate event planning should focus on the needs of your target audience. Otherwise it’s just a big, expensive party that really stresses you out for a few months. Starting corporate events off with a proverbial bang (no literal pyrotechnics recommended indoors) means delivering a message about your company that gives your sales and marketing efforts […]

6 Ways to Build Hype for Your Next Corporate Event

You finally have some semblance of a plan for your next big corporate event. The venue is nailed down, speakers are signed on, vendors are booked, things are actually falling into place with minimal hiccups. That is no small feat, so congrats. But now you’re probably wondering: How do you get potential attendees to understand […]

7 Essential Tech Conferences That Should Be on Your Radar

In order to gain access to new developments, stay on top of the rapidly evolving industry and remain professionally sharp, attending the best tech conferences is crucial. Sure, these conferences can be costly, so it’s best to target your reach to the events that really count. Scan the list of speaker names and search for […]

Squeeze the Most ROI Out of Trade Shows with These Skills

Trade shows are often an exercise in overstimulation. With dozens of conversations, flashy presentations, advanced technology and light shows fit for a dance club, focusing on people and getting your message across can be somewhat of a challenge. And events can be somewhat costly to your company, so getting the best results is a big […]

4 Ways to Stand Out at a Trade Show

You know how these trade shows typically go. With so many booths and competitors crammed into one place, the noise and distraction levels can make you feel like you’re constantly shouting for attention. You can end up feeling more like a ringmaster displaying tricks rather than a seasoned professional attempting to engage an audience. Trade […]

The Next Big Thing for Corporate Events

As successful companies and entrepreneurs continue to learn, it’s advantageous to be an early adopter when it comes to new technology. Your company looks like a leading expert in its industry, well-informed and up-to-date on the latest innovations. There’s an energy created when you test out new features at a corporate event that’s unmatched. So […]