Latest Project: ASICS Jump Room

The fall season is often accompanied by a drop in the temperature, a change in the leaves and… a jam-packed schedule full of events! At Pixperience, we enjoy helping various brands during this busy season with our custom-made photo experiences. And at our most recent activation with ASICS, we put our best foot forward- quite literally!

ASICS Jump Room

Recently, we were elated to work with  leading, sports performance brand ASICS in New York City. In launching their new campaign, “I Move Me”, we were able to bring movement to life through our custom 180° photo booth. However, this was not your average photo booth. In the uniquely curated ASICS Jump Room, which featured two gigantic trampolines, we had all-star DJ Steve Aoki stop by! The Grammy- nominated producer celebrated his new partnership with the brand in our custom photo booth, which was, of course, super cool to witness.

Soon, event attendees followed suit after Mr. Aoki, as they crafted their own “Aoki Jump” through our photo booth. We were honored to be a part of each individual experience, and interact with ASICS fans like ourselves! Needless to ask: Who said trampolines were only for kids, anyway?!

Furthermore, we’d like to extend a big “thank you” to everyone who stopped by our photo booth. Event activations, such as this, are so unforgettable and exhilarating, and we enjoy capturing this essence through our customized photo booths.

Make sure to check out the video below, and watch some of the highlights from the ASICS Jump Room!


Social Media: Hashtag Your Way to Success

When it comes to setting up your events, there is one aspect you must consider at the inception: social media. In the creative and design process, you’ll likely think about the types of activations and installments that will positively affect ROI. While this is important, social media practices must be considered. Luckily, these said practices are typically a cost-effective, added bonus.

For example, our 180° photo booths are always an instant hit at any event. From the experience-driven overall quality to the concrete deliverables and takeaways (pictures, in this case), our custom activations guarantee enjoyment in a B2C environment. At major expos and conventions, our various activations are designed to create “buzz” for our clients, which is further accomplished with respective social media practices. And luckily, sometimes it’s as easy as creating a hashtag.


Yes, you’ve likely seen them. They’re everywhere- it’s almost as if your post didn’t actually happen unless you attached a hashtag. They may look just like regular pound signs, but they’re actually very powerful. Look at a bigger picture: Your company has a booth at a major expo. You offer a 360° photo booth, so you’re likely to have a line of potential clients waiting for their turn to experience it. Once these guests receive their photo at the end of it all, they instantly post it to their social media channels. In order to create some sort of virtual connection, it’s beneficial to establish a hashtag advertising your company that coincides with the event you’re attending. If 100 people post their photos to their respective pages, that’s 100 people hash-tagging YOUR business! This creates brand awareness, buzz and ultimately a positive experience for both parties considered.

Promoting Your Posts

Sometimes, people have mixed feelings about social promotions. Some look at it as spam, and others look at it as a can’t miss opportunity. In most cases, promoted posts are a win-win for both the user and the business. Look at Instagram, for example. With post promotions, you’re able to target those who may not even follow your page. This is effective in drawing people in toward your business and/or product, especially if you’re at a major event with competing vendors. In choosing who to target based on factors like proximity, gender and age, your posts are able to reach a widely larger audience. You never know whose eyes are looking at your page!


Handing out pens, koozies and other promotional items at your event is awesome. We encourage it! Yet, in the growing digital age, people crave an authentic and memorable experience. This is where customized photo booths come into play- there’s no way you could go wrong here! Stepping into the booth and experiencing the fun firsthand is one thing. Taking this memory home with you is an added value. Not to mention the simplicity of the process! The best part about it is how it is so digitally focused and compatible. As we mentioned in our prior blog post, photo strips often get lost or damaged. In delivering your guests a virtual file with their photo memories, they will never forget the positive experience they had. That is, they will never forget your business!

Looking to capitalize on your social media efforts at your next event? We’d love to be a part of the process! Contact us here to learn how we can partner up!

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Many people often wonder what goes on behind the scenes of a major event. From going down the pre-event checklist to executing the actual setup, there’s always so much work to be done. Between the nuts and bolts of it all, there’s one factor, and asset, that can make or break any event. And that, is teamwork.

After doing our “meet the team” over the past few weeks,we’ve been thinking about the immeasurable value of a team’s work ethic. There are so many moving parts when it comes to event planning, and sometimes, the workload is far too much for one person. For instance, putting together our 360 degree photo booths requires a cohesive team effort, as we want to ensure our clients are pleased with the end result. This is why having an all star team is crucial. Today, we’re breaking down the essence of teamwork in 3 parts.


It goes without being said that teamwork is a collaborative effort. The phrase “there’s no I in team” absolutely rings true, especially when discussing proper collaboration. When you’re looking at building on success in your business, it’s important to consider the longevity. This is probably not accomplished overnight, correct? This is where collaborating with your team members comes in to play, as everyone brings different ideas to the table.  Encourage smart thinking, clarify responsibility, and establish direction when your team begins any project.


This one seems like a no-brainer, but it’s important to note that without effective communication, working as a team can be difficult. Setting up a line of open communication within your group is vital- it ensures confidence in the work a team member is doing, therefore streamlining any project management task. It’s important to listen to your teammates, and not just talk. Sometimes the solution to a problem is right in front of you!


Stick together as a unit. What is the glue the holds your group together? It can’t always come down to one person, because everyone’s work load should be distributed evenly. This way, no one gets burnt out. High-performance groups demonstrate true cohesion. This is achieved through the ability to work together, through cooperation and mutual devotion to achieving the end goal. Establishing respect for your teammates goes a long way. Sometimes it’s as easy as extending a compliment, or showing your group member that you really appreciate their hard work and effort.

All of the above factors are essential when it comes to working as a team. If these measures are practiced daily, there’s no doubt that positive results will be produced. In other words, this is how teamwork really makes the dream work!

Things to Do: Austin City Limits

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It’s that time of year again! Austin City Limits is upon us, ladies and gentlemen. If you are attending the festival, check out a list of activations on site for festival goers to enjoy!

ACL Bodega: Forget to bring snacks? Sunscreen? The ACL Bodega has you covered! With produce to trail mix to rain ponchos and more, this makes it convenient to purchase festival necessities.

Austin Kiddie Limits: Good news! Children under 10 years old get in free with their parents. Near Barton Springs Road, there is a family friendly entrance to enter the shaded location. Austin Kiddie Limits makes baby changing stations available to parents, in addition to providing fun, interactive activities for children! Open from 11 AM- 7 PM daily.

ACL Wine Lounge: For all the esteemed wine lovers out there! This lounge is brand new, and conveniently next to a main stage. This way, you don’t miss anything. We hear they have an amazing menu this year, so make sure to check it out!

Camelbak Hydration Station: It goes without being said that hydration is key at any festival. On festival grounds, there will be plenty of water stations for guests to stock up on free, filtered water, courtesy of Camelbak. This is a must!

Barton Springs Beer Hall: Take a break from the musical craziness and kick back with your favorite IPA. At the Beer Hall, guests can view the weekend NFL and NCAA games on the big screens in between your favorite artists’ sets.

Ride Austin: Safety is key when navigating Austin this weekend. RideAustin is helping you get to and from ACL, and is also the world’s only nonprofit rideshare. Make sure to download the app, and use their promo code, ACLFEST17, for $5 in credits.

We hope everyone has a fun-filled, safe weekend at Austin City Limits!

Meet our Team!

Ever wondered what makes us, us? Today, you can get to know us below! Virtually, of course. 🙂

Meet Chris, the tallest and most-caffeinated member of our team. He’s been with the company since 2009, and he’s always finding fun ways to use new technology at events. Here’s a pic of him at his fave event- Kingdom 360 at UFC 200 in Vegas!


Meet Derek! Since ’09, he has enjoyed being able to bring our client’s ideas to life at live events and putting smiles on people’s faces! Fun fact: For his birthday, he asked for a car, but got a computer. How’s that for being born under a bad sign?

This is Jesse! Since 2015, he has loved seeing a production come together from start to finish, such as creating a 360° photo booth for TMP. In other delightful news, he was once almost arrested in a foreign country for eating his dinner incorrectly.

This is Kate! She is an awesome team member, and can make an even more awesome snack spread! In her words, “Working for Pixperience allows me to be a part of so many different big events and travel to different places. I love working in an environment where I can engage with others, as well as challenge myself to think on my feet.”


Meet Matt! Since 2009, he’s been a part of our team, and enjoys traveling while getting to work at amazing events like NYC ComicCon for Netflix! Fun fact: Aside from being a talented hair dryer model, he also has two cats that don’t have names.

Our final staff spotlight is Yuriy, the multilingual mastermind! Since 2009, he’s enjoyed figuring out elegant solutions to complicated problems using code. Favorite event? Super Bowl 50 – 180 Catch for Hyundai.

We hope you’ve enjoyed meeting some of our team members! Working with so many brands and companies is such a joy, and we’d love to help yours with our custom photo experience capabilities. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if your brand would like to work with our team!

How to Take Your Events this Fall from a 10 to a 100

Is it us, or is 2017 flying by right before our eyes? Summer came and went so very quickly, and with that, we are fully embracing the fall season upon us. In the coming months, many companies may become inundated with event planning- trust us, it can be a process. The good news is we’re here to make things easier for our clients, and most importantly, more fun!

Starting with our custom photo booths.

Think back to your first photo booth experience. You probably received an awesome photo strip, and you may have secured it in a safe place. But, what if you didn’t? All you’re essentially left with is the memory of it. All things considered, let’s say you did save the strip… it’s now tucked in your bedroom mirror, and it may have suffered some creasing or scratching. Yep, you guessed it- it’s not Instagramable now. This scenario may not be the case for all, but as the digital age is approaching a sort of industry domination, it’s important to consider takeaways when it comes to marketing your business or product.

Canada Goose 360º photo activations

How do we do this, you ask?

Our 180 and 360 degree photo booths are an easy fix to any event planning woes. Experiential marketing is our specialty, and through strategically curating branded activations, your event is sure to be memorable and successful. As these photos are simultaneously taken from multiple angles, it produces a “frozen” effect, yet through a moving picture. From there, through our custom-built event microsites, guests are provided with a user-friendly link in which they can instantly access to download their pictures.

The best part about this is the “win-win” aspect of it all. You provide your event attendees with an interactive experience to remember, in addition to undeniably unique social media content. In return, your company or brand will instantly gain a buzzworthy presence at any tradeshow, expo or red carpet, therefore creating brand awareness and standing out amongst any competition.


Let us help you. If any of our above services sound like a good fit for your upcoming events, don’t hesitate to contact us here!



How To Capitalize On A Photo Booth At Your Event

Do you know what is better than an event that people will talk about after it is over? An event that has brand pictures from a photo booth shared from it.

Super Bowl 50

The saying a picture is worth a thousand words is not a fable.

Social media content that has an image is proven to preform better than posts that do not. In fact, 74% of social media marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing according to Hubspot.

As an event host do you want your attendees to share content about your business that will be well received? Of course! The goal of any event is to market your business.

A great event does not rely on faith that things will get done. It is set up to make things happen.

If you want your guests to share pictures from your event, have them take pictures at your event.

Setting up a photo booth is an easy way to do this and guests sharing your branded images will make up for the cost in marketing dollars.

Why a Photo Booth?

Having a dedicated area for guests to take pictures will encourage them to take them. A photo booth will also give you professional pictures that can be branded and shared. Photo booths are also interactive that will create a memorable experience for your guests.

360 Photo Booth In Austin

Remember to Track Sharing

Set up a personalized hashtag to encourage guests to mention your business in their posts. Most guests will happily add the hashtag and it is a great way for you to track images being shared. To learn more about creating a personalized hashtag visit ThriveHive.

Why Use a Pixperience 360 Photo Booth

We take a photo from multiple angles simultaneously and stitch them together, making the captured moment seem to rotate in space, a moment your guests will not soon forget. We offer a fully branded 360 photo booth experience.

Guests cans share their frozen 360º moment on Facebook, Twitter or even upload to Instagram.

SXSW and the Future of the Conferences

SXSW and the Future of the Conferences

As we referenced in our post from March 9th, “7 Essential Tech Conferences That Should Be on Your Radar”, SXSW is one of those conferences that is a must attend event in the tech world. In this blog article and the future few to come, we are going to reference in more detail as to why each of those seven conferences are important to your tech success and how each event is constantly changing and advancing the world of technology and everyone’s everyday lives.

What is SXSW?

SXSW, or South by Southwest, is a series of conferences from a wide array of disciplines which allows individuals from all around the world to express themselves and showcase their creative ideas to the best of the best in their field.  The conferences are run by SXSW, LLC. and is held every year in Austin, Texas during the month of March. The area that we are going to be paying attention to is “SXSW Interactive” which focuses on emerging technology, start-ups, speakers, and trade shows. Each year, tens of thousands of people flock to Austin to present their ideas, speak to other people from the tech world, and come up with more ideas on how they can expand their brand or company and the world of technology.

How does SXSW Effect the World Around You?

If you are questioning, “How does SXSW effect you?”, look around! Every year, CEOs in the tech industry and top scholars provide extensive context as to what is happening in the world of technology today and how things are going to change in the coming days, months, and years; domestically and globally. Additionally, they search for the next best device and how that invention could change the efficiency of our everyday lives and the “technological ecosystem” around us and thrust it into the next hemisphere and generation of industrial science. Finally, it provides the “ecosystem” with the foundation to work together and provide better ways to advance past, present, and future technology to make the consumers lives easier.

How does SXSW Propel Your Future Success?

Whether you’re a tech-mogul, techie right out of college, or the person with the next big invention, SXSW can offer the success you didn’t think possible before. SXSW allows everyday individuals with the opportunity of a lifetime to learn, grow, flourish and even get your foot in the door and cascade your inventions into the possibility of a job offer with one of the biggest companies around the world. The “SXSW Interactive” conference is the event with the convenience, knowledge, and circumstances to grow and excel in every way possible.

What’s Next for SXSW?

Well if you can’t wait for next year’s SXSW and you’re just excited about what to expect from the tech conference as we are, then we are both in luck. This September, SXSW, LLC, has joined forces with Mercedes-Benz to create a new event called  “me Convention” which conglomerates technology, design, and discussion about the future of everything techie and it will be a segue into next year’s SXSW traditional conferences. However, while SXSW is held in Austin, “me Convention” will be held in Frankfurt, Germany with a full list of top of the line speakers and a fresh futuristic approach on where technology is progressing to.

Pre-Event Attendee Engagement Tips for Meeting Company Goals

Highly interactive events enable brand awareness and enough face-to-face convos to hit (or maybe even exceed) company business goals. Your event’s success depends on the level of engagement from your guests, plain and simple. And you want that level to be higher than the bid from the old-airplane-hangar-turned-hot-venue in town. (Seriously, how is that place booked for three years already?)

Below, you’ll find some of the best ways to boost attendee engagement ahead of the event.

Set your sights on your site.

Whether you choose to create an event microsite, a designated registration landing page, simply write up a blog post or two about the event, or all of the above, make sure to broadcast event info loudly and clearly. List speakers, session topics, booth exhibitors, dates and times, all of that practical stuff, in combination with some event benefits that will dazzle your potential guests (think: short, spunky video). Content should be branded, targeted and allow your audience to talk back.

Turn social media into a science.

With social media channels, you can curate an event community before it’s begun. Here are a few key elements to making the most of these channels.

  • Sure, you’ve heard about creating an event hashtag, but don’t brush it off. That hashtag has the potential to do more for you than some of the most expensive promotional tactics in your little black book of event techniques.
  • Depending on your target audience, you can also contact social influencers (read: social media personalities with oodles of followers) to see if they’ll post about your event.  
  • Construct a space for online discussions. Post content your audience will have an opinion about, stuff that will motivate them to engage without being too contentious (i.e. avoid politics and religion unless of course your event is inherently religious or political).
  • Increase your posting schedule as the event draws near to build hype with the best of ‘em. Sneak peeks of event preparations make your audience feel like they’re getting a behind-the-scenes preview. Snap a shot of room setup or your crew hard at work and that should do the trick.

Room design shouldn’t be an afterthought.

Strategic positioning of seats, tables, booths, etc. is critical for peak engagement. The right layout enhances interactions and allows your attendees to absorb programs and conversations in a more impactful way. In other words, don’t leave the seating charts to the interns. Facilitate deep connection rather than just giving someone a chance to small talk in order to avoid the office for a few hours.

Incorporate something new (you can leave out the borrowed and blue).

Show these folks a little something extra. Dynamic elements aren’t just flashy distractions. They solidify brand messages and develop event memories into lasting experiences. Add in an engaging 360 degree photo booth with branded features and props and practically burn positive vibes into your guests’ synapses. Pics from the 360 photo booth can be sent directly to attendee inboxes for easy social media sharing, sending out those vibes to an even wider audience.

Your event starts now. Don’t panic or check your calendar, the event is still on the set date. But the experience begins for your attendees when you let it. So start warming up the crowd with a little experiential marketing help from Pixperience.

How to Make Your Events More Interactive

Planning events can look a lot like covering the physical needs of attendees first and foremost. Since those details are already pretty stressful, audience learning and getting your message across can often take a backseat. It’s good to keep in mind what exactly you’re doing all of this hard work for: reaching your target audience.

And to effectively reach those key players, they need to be engaged all the way through the event. So how do you grab people’s attention, especially when their concentration levels are often worse than 3rd graders attempting to learn long division?

Below are some essential elements to include.

Gather audience feedback any way you can, as often as you can.

From a good ol’ fashioned Q&A sesh to tech-savvy crowd-sourcing via attendee devices, nothing engages audiences like allowing them to have a voice. Give them a chance to submit questions or answer polls straight from their phones and incredible things will happen. Voting has never been so fun and low key, with real-time results to hold everyone captive in the moment (including you).

Deliver a speaker lineup that will make even the most corporate wet blanket starstruck.

Compelling speakers know how to get (and keep) an audience’s attention. It’s what they do best. Don’t skimp on the speakers and you’ll be pleased with the results. You can also help them out by giving them ample briefing and preparation so they understand the specific context around your event and your event goals.

Make it more dynamic than the weather forecast for event week.

Switching things up every few minutes keeps the momentum high and maintains audience engagement. Use things like discussions, case studies, exercise routines, snack breaks and more to create a steady, energized pace. There are some innovative ways to achieve that playful flow you’re looking for, and you can tailor them to your event theme and goals.

Incorporate attendee inclusion into every part of the schedule.

Allow participants to act out event information in dialogue form, give them a chance to show off with interactive quizzes (preferably with prizes), add in hands-on demonstrations and live product trials, scavenger hunts, etc. Have a designated networking corner and encourage guests to share moments on their social media channels or live stream the event where appropriate. You’d be surprised with the uptick in excitement from even the most reticent of audience members.

Throw in a platform for free expression, stand back and watch the magic.

Whether it’s a chalkboard wall with the approved event hashtag at the top, giant sheets of paper and ample colorful markers, approved “graffiti” boards, or photo booths with plenty of branded props, guests need a chance to let it all hang out. Seal those messages in their minds with long-lasting memories.

Experiential marketing that fully engages your attendees can pay off in a big way. Ensure your company stands out from the crowd with a 360 degree photo booth. 3D photo booths give your audience a chance to be a part of the action in a way no other tools can. Plus, images captured in the booth will be sent straight to their inboxes and your event microsite, allowing for easy social media sharing.

Talk to Pixperience about how to incorporate these on-point interactive tactics into your next event with fully branded bullet-time photo booths, green screens, event lead data capture and other experiential marketing services.