How You Can Easily Run a Successful Lead Generation Event

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A lead is a consumer who shows interest in your brand. Usually, a lead hears from a business after the lead os the first one to start a communication channel. They do so by submitting their email from a subscription link on your site. Or maybe they like your Facebook page, and they connect with you there. This type of communication is much different than a company being the first one to make a move. A time-old strategy that is no longer as effective is by cold calling a list of consumers. The problem with cold calling is that between caller ID and spam filters, you’ll have a hard time getting ahold of someone. Don’t stress. All you have to do now is to find a more creative way to generate leads.

Getting new leads requires you to dial into a marketing strategy that works best for your business. Every business owner has felt at one time or another that generating leads is a trial or error situation. You try ads on social media and see minimal engagement. Or perhaps you decide to host a podcast but have attracted the support of those you already know support your brand. If one thing this year has taught the market, it is that live events have the best luck at generating new leads. Like anything, hosting a successful lead generation event requires careful planning and execution. Here’s how.

Target your consumers

You may already know who your consumer is, but something that a successful lead generation requires of you to do is to define them in greater detail. Go beyond gender and age. The following are some things to think about:

  • Where do they live? What is their native language?

  • What mobile device do your attendees prefer?

  • What are your attendees’ interests?

  • Do they have a college degree? Are they still in school?

  • What do they do for a living? What industries do they work in?

  • What’s the average income of your consumers?

  • What is their marital status? Do they have kids?

  • Do they own a home, or are they renters?

  • What do they buy? What are their top three purchase categories?

Items like these will better define what to have at your event that will entertain them and make them want to purchase your product or services.

Set goals to measure success

Sure, the whole reason you are hosting a lead generation event is to… well to get leads. Again, you have to go beyond that line of thought. Be sure to think of your next move after you host the event. Have an email blast ready to go, or have an exclusive sale for those that attend the event. Think of something that will motivate leads to come in the first place. One thing about working with us is that we capture all that data for you with our data and lead generation service. While guests are enjoying one of our photo booths, we get their information while others wait in line. After the event, our software gives you a report at how well you did. This type of information helps you when you plan your next event.

Know the role of social media for the event

If you’ve had little success with social media before, stick with us on this point. When guests share their experience on social media, they promote your brand for you without you having to invest in ads. Have a hashtag ready for them to use and get a conversation going. You can have them do a Facebook live to show off what their friends are missing by not going to your event. We’ve seen this work before when we helped out the Royal Caribbean International promote their newest ship, the Harmony of the Sea. Our luxury photo booths, like the 180-degree or 360-degree photo booths, drew in a crowd. Their event went viral on social media, with attendees sharing their photos where they struck a pose with fun props! We also had a screen for passengers to watch their images instantly pop up. What fun!

It’s time that we help you get organized and increase your ROI. Give us a call today to find out how our services can make your next event the one that gets you the leads you’ve been striving for.