Signs Your Experiential Marketing Campaign Lacks Purpose

experiential marketing

It’s no secret that experiential marketing campaigns are a sure-fire way to get people to notice your brand and gain more life-long customers. In a 2018 study by Mosaic and Event Marketer, they reported that 84% of brands use experiences to promote their products and services to consumers. But there is a difference between being a part of that 84% and being successful at experiential marketing. If you find yourself falling short of your goals, it could be because of one (or more) of the following four reasons.

The public views it as offensive

Some of the best experiential marketing campaigns are ones that shock consumers and get them noticed in the media. However, something too shocking can cause uproar and bad publicity. Amazon’s campaign for their new series, “Man in the High Castle,” is an excellent example of what not to do. To grab people’s attention, Amazon covered New York subway cars with a modified Nazi coat of arms and the rising sun flags of Imperial Japan. People were appalled and the experiential campaign backfired. The New York government stepped in and removed them. Be smart about your ideas and know when you are going too far. You’ll end up spending more money battling bad publicity than gaining new customers.

Your campaign is targeting the wrong consumer

Before you start creating a campaign for your next event, know who it is you are targeting. You may say girls ages 5 – 10, but that will only get you so far. Know what excites them and motivates them to buy your products. When Mattel was launching their new movie Barbie Princess Power, they had a good idea of who their target market was. But Mattel knew that it isn’t the girls that buy the toys themselves, but more so their parents. In addition to the fun photo booth promoting them, they captured parents’ email addresses and data. Later on, the people at Mattel were able to follow up with them, targeting the right consumer for that market.

Your campaigns are dull

With more brands utilize event marketing you need to stand out. Nobody will bother to attend your event if they feel like it is the same ‘ole same ‘ole. Bring your brand to life with an innovative idea that will have people posting all over social media about the experience you gave them. At Super Bowl 50, we teamed up with Hyundai and gave football fans an experience of making a game-winning touchdown. Fans grabbed the ball and dove onto our super squishy crash pad while a multi-camera set up captured their feat. Fans all had a blast and bragged about their triumph by posting their photos on social media.

You’re not tracking your event’s progress

Having the opportunity to speak with consumers in purpose is one of the main reasons so many brands are investing in experiential campaigns. You get the chance to find out what they like and don’t like about your products and services. Take note of what they have to say. If you ignore what their thoughts are, your campaigns won’t achieve the goals you were hoping for.

Any business can start and event marketing strategy, but you’ll be spinning your wheels if you aren’t properly tracking your progress. With our data capture and lead generation service, you’ll have all the info you need to see what is working and what’s not. Find out more today and see how Pixperience can help you excel in your event marketing strategies.