Help Consumers Find Your Next Event With These 4 Registration Tips

event marketing

As more people want to feel confident in a brand, more companies are turning to event marketing. Event marketing allows you to talk to consumers in person and create a relationship to gain their trust. When you host an out of this world event, those that attend will hop on their social media accounts and start talking up your brand. This promotion is excellent for your company, but first thing’s first. How do you get people to know that there is an event going on? There are different techniques for promoting your upcoming affair that goes beyond sending out mail flyers or standing on a street corner, spinning a sign.

If you are someone who checks their registration count on a minute-by-minute basis, keep reading to see what you can do to speed things up.

Keep things simple

Include a registration page on your website. It should pop with excitement, but don’t let its design interfere with event information. Landing pages that are too cluttered or have too many moving parts can deter someone from wanting to attend. Keep things simple with a large banner that includes the following: the date of the event, time, location, and other essential details. Be sure that it is bright, and the font is easy to read. This way, computer wizards and those that are tech-challenged can easily register for the occasion.

Reach out to top fans on social media

If you maintain a social media account, you probably see the same person commenting on your posts These are what the industry likes to call “super fans” or “top fans.” Ask these top fans to promote your affair on their behalf. Make sure the message you want them to spread is clear by writing posts or tweets for them. Think of it this way. If they are loyal enough on social media to like, comment, and share your posts, you can bet that they would be happy to help you out. 

Use more than one platform to get registrations

Your website is a running start to getting registrations. We suggest also creating a Facebook Event on your company’s page to reach more people. You can use this to see people who are “interested” in your event and turn them into attendees. Facebook makes it easy for users to share the event information on their newsfeed. Better yet, have users who follow your page invite their friends. An invite from someone they know may entice them to pay attention to it, whereas if you start targeting random people, it can come off as spam.

Email marketing

Everyone uses email, so you don’t want to skip this channel to increase registrations. 40% of marketers believe email is the most effective way to promote an event. Similar to your website, design your emails that makes the CTA clear and easy to see. Make the email personal to connect with the reader. If the email is too generic, servers may flag you as spam. You also risk users ignoring your email or unsubscribing from your list. A well designed and clear email gives you a higher chance of getting forwarded to friends and family. 

With all of these ways to get more event registrations, you’ll want to keep in mind one thing. Leave the excitement for the event. Give away hints and mention the event’s details that will pique curiosity and entice consumers to come. This way, when they arrive and see something like our event microsites, they’ll be more likely to stick around and generate leads. Find out more about all of our services to start your event off right!