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When it Rains, will it Pour?

It goes without being said that April brings May showers. Not to mention, the spring weather we have been experiencing all over has been quite unpredictable. It’s all fun and games until your company has planned an amazing, outdoor event and there is rain in the weekend forecast! So, what can you do prepare in the event of inclement weather? We have a few tips to share that may help your brand in the long run.

Having a Plan B… or even C!

Having a backup plan seems pretty straightforward, of course. Event planners know the importance of having a plan B… or maybe even C! What exactly does this plan entail? For example, if your event is mostly outside, you must consider how easy it would be to move things inside if it came down to it. Your vendors will likely be just as flexible. More specifically, if you brought us in to provide a 360 degree photobooth, we would have no issue moving the activation inside! We care about the success of our client events. If you didn’t know, our multi-camera photobooths work better when they are dry. J

If a wet-weather, indoor contingency plan is not available, then go back to the drawing board. Is there an alternative, back-up date to move the event to? Or, is it possible to delay the event to a time after the weather subsides? Safety is obviously a concern for everyone, including your event attendees. All in all, making these decisions ahead of time will save your company so much strife.


The Importance of Communication

The biggest takeaway here is communication. Trust us, your attendees are monitoring the weather just as closely as you are. Whether it’s through social media, email marketing or traditional automated phone calls, stay in contact with your guests. They’ll appreciate it.

We’re Here to Help!

As we mentioned in the paragraph above, our goal in providing our services is to help make your event a success. Whatever we can to do to help, we will do. Have any questions, comments or concerns? Feel free to let us know using the “Contact Us” button below! Here’s to hoping for ideal weather this season!