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Beat the Heat this Summer!

Summer is on its way, if you couldn’t tell by the warmer temperatures. Though the colder weather seemed to linger a bit longer this year, but alas, the summer weather is coming in hot- literally!

So, what does this mean for your brand? Well, the warm weather isn’t always a bad thing. It’s the ideal time of year to host that outdoor event you’ve been thinking about for a while. People are often in search of fun activities to attend. You never know- these people could be potential customers of yours! With that being said, your brand will want to ensure the quality of their experience when it comes to the overall scenery. Whether you live down south in humid Florida or on the breezy coast of Maine, you’ll need to be prepared for the onset of the warmth. Believe it or not, not everyone loves the heat!

It’s Time to Cool Down

At Pixperience, we’ve had our fair share of different climates from all of the outdoor events we’ve worked. One thing we can suggest is pretty obvious, but sometimes overlooked in the planning process. FANS!  And we’re not talking about the household ones. If your company can get your hands on a couple of industrial-sized fans, it makes all the difference in the world. Not to mention, it also makes for an awesome, added effect when guests are jumping around in our 360 photo booths!

Many times attendees are waiting in line for the photo experience, and the sun is just beaming down on them. If someone from your team can pass out branded water bottles or even handheld fans, it’ll be mutually beneficial for both ends. This gives you a chance to interact with each guest, as well as provide them with a relieving takeaway.

One last thing: if there is a way to host your event later in the day when the sun is not directly overhead, definitely consider it! Don’t worry so much about the sunlight leaving- thank you Daylight Savings time!

Need Help?

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