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Experiential Marketing = Excellent Teamwork

If you’ve been following us on social media, we’ve been having quite the busy month! There have been events all over the country we’ve gotten the chance to be a part of- more to come here, so stay tuned. With all the travel and transport of equipment, there’s one thing to consider in the midst of the (organized) chaos. And that, our friends, is teamwork!

We’ve talked about the importance of effective teamwork before on our blog. It goes without being said that one person could not set up an entire multi-degree photobooth on their own. Well, maybe they could (if they were Superman), but it would likely take a lot longer than desired! To reiterate, teamwork makes the dreamwork. When you have such a great team, and you want to continue fostering a positive spirit within the group, you’ll look to teamwork building exercises. Hint: if you were to Google “team building”, you’ll get MILLIONS of results. A little overwhelming, right? Many times, the answer is right in front of you. For experiential marketers like us, this is exactly the case!

The Solution You’ve Been Looking For

We’ve seen a rise in experiential marketing from a B2C perspective. In the same breath, we’ve also seen a similar trend when team building is considered. Yes, companies are putting an emphasis on experience-driven exercises to bring their team closer together! A prime example of this was provided by Advertising Speciality Institute. The article discussed how Brand Fuel’s employees spent a day making promotional t-shirts together as a team building exercise.

“While the experience becomes a part of a person’s memory,” says Danny Rosin of Brand Fuel, “promotional products become a lasting physical connection to the experience someone had.”

So, what can your company do? If quarterly team lunches are standard, think of ways to make things more experiential. Instead of going to the usual lunch spot, perhaps take the lunch to a different location, like a sporting event. The whole experience itself will be memorable, and the cohesiveness of the team will likely improve because of this!


Tell Us!

What are some activities your brand and/or company does when it comes to team building? We’d love to know! Tell us using the “Contact Us” button below. Til’ next time!