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Shopify Unite 2018

Whew! We have been keeping busy the past few weeks to say the least. We’re back today with a brand new project post, recapping our curated #Pixperience at Shopify Unite! Taking place May 7-9, Shopify hosted its annual developer and partner conference in Toronto. If you aren’t familiar with Shopify Unite, it’s a chance for the company’s “partners and developers come together to celebrate shared accomplishments, forge new connections, and ignite the future of commerce technology”. Igniting the future of technology- well, that’s something we can get behind!
We were brought in to provide some interactive entertainment at the official after party.  Getting the chance to meet so many industry professionals was awesome! The synergy at the conference was undoubtedly divine- everyone was bouncing ideas off of each other, and making connections left and right. It’s always a pleasure to work with outstanding companies like Shopify!

Setting the Scene

Let’s set the scene for you, so you can visualize the photo experience! We set up our miniFreeze180 at The Rec Room, in which the Unite after party was taking place. And a fun time it was! There was singing, there was dancing, and, of course, there was a 180 degree photo booth! There were tons of guests who came by our booth, capturing fun moments galore. Who said conferences had to be a drag?! Not to mention, when your photo booth background consists of hundreds of giant balloons, you know the pix are going to be GOOD! Take a peek for yourself in our highlights video below!

It certainly was a night to remember, especially now that there are so many minifreeze pix that captured the moment! To everyone we met and to those who visited our booth, thank you! We always enjoy meeting photo booth enthusiasts like ourselves. We’ll be back with more project recaps throughout the month!
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