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The Year Ahead in Experiential Marketing

Welcome back to the Pixperience blog, everyone! We hope everyone’s January is off to a fantastic start. Things have been busy on our end as we gear up for upcoming projects. More to come with that, by the way!

As we buckle down for our upcoming events with clients, there’s one thing we keep at the focus. And that, is the experiential factor, of course. It seems obvious, but each year, we make it a point to stay current with each Pixperience we bring to the table. To that point, we’re constantly researching the latest and greatest trends for our 180 and 360 degree photo booths when it comes to experiential marketing itself!

It’s all about Human Interaction

So, what kind of trends should you expect to see in the integrated marketing landscape in 2019? For starters, a desire for unique human interaction through these experiences is atop the list. According to this Forbes article, brands will be cognizant of this. “Marketing has a remarkable power to inspire audiences. Instead of an influx of new tech to adopt, I predict we’ll embrace a deeper understanding of human behavior that will foster more meaningful relationships” – Hamid GhanadanLINUS 
This is great to note, as people still value the humanistic side of marketing while the digital technology age is booming more than ever! Move aside, robots 🙂

The Customer and the Brand

When it comes to a brand’s ambassador, marketing executives will shift more toward the customer side. So, what does this mean exactly? Forbes is also reporting that customers will slowly but surely become individual ambassadors for the brands they play into. Think influencer marketing, but instead of traditional bloggers, the consumers are the identified “influencers”! Kinda cool, right? Each time you share a brand’s product through social media, you’re playing into the ambassador role. And, of course, brands will make sure to market their products based on this. For example, each time our guests share a photo to their networks, they’re acting as ambassadors- for both Pixperience and our client! It all comes back full circle when you think about it.
What other experiential marketing trends do you suspect you’ll see this year? We’d love to hear! We’ll definitely be on the lookout as we continue to bring our array camera booths alllllll over the world! Here’s to a year ahead full of memorable multi-camera photo experiences!