How to Take Your Events this Fall from a 10 to a 100

Is it us, or is 2017 flying by right before our eyes? Summer came and went so very quickly, and with that, we are fully embracing the fall season upon us. In the coming months, many companies may become inundated with event planning- trust us, it can be a process. The good news is we’re here to make things easier for our clients, and most importantly, more fun!

Starting with our custom photo booths.

Think back to your first photo booth experience. You probably received an awesome photo strip, and you may have secured it in a safe place. But, what if you didn’t? All you’re essentially left with is the memory of it. All things considered, let’s say you did save the strip… it’s now tucked in your bedroom mirror, and it may have suffered some creasing or scratching. Yep, you guessed it- it’s not Instagramable now. This scenario may not be the case for all, but as the digital age is approaching a sort of industry domination, it’s important to consider takeaways when it comes to marketing your business or product.

Canada Goose 360º photo activations

How do we do this, you ask?

Our 180 and 360 degree photo booths are an easy fix to any event planning woes. Experiential marketing is our specialty, and through strategically curating branded activations, your event is sure to be memorable and successful. As these photos are simultaneously taken from multiple angles, it produces a “frozen” effect, yet through a moving picture. From there, through our custom-built event microsites, guests are provided with a user-friendly link in which they can instantly access to download their pictures.

The best part about this is the “win-win” aspect of it all. You provide your event attendees with an interactive experience to remember, in addition to undeniably unique social media content. In return, your company or brand will instantly gain a buzzworthy presence at any tradeshow, expo or red carpet, therefore creating brand awareness and standing out amongst any competition.


Let us help you. If any of our above services sound like a good fit for your upcoming events, don’t hesitate to contact us here!