Event Tips That Will Give You the Best ROI

Tradeshows are one of the best ways of building brand awareness and completing business transactions. The days of handing out flyers or sitting in front of a booth with an eye-catching banner are not as effective as they once were. Now, the best tradeshow booths are the ones that have an edge to them. That edge being technologies that allow people to experience and interact with your brand.

Looking for the secret sauce to market your small business at a tradeshow? Take a look at these tips that will prepare you for being one of the most talked about brands at your next convention.


Figure out a game plan
First and foremost, set a goal and a way to measure success at your upcoming tradeshow. Figure out what it is that you wish to gain and the way you will measure that success. Make your goals as detailed as possible. Perhaps this tradeshow is to build an email list or grow your social media accounts. After you figure out what it is you wish to gain, it will be easier to find a way to have the most attractive booth.

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Make a great first impression
First impressions are everything! Studies show that you have less than 30 seconds to impress someone and that it takes roughly seven seconds for others to form an opinion of you. Stand tall, speak clearly, dress appropriately, and put your phone away. People will take notice of your professional behavior, allowing you to draw them in and start pitching your business to them.


Give attendees an experience
An interactive booth gives people an “emotional” connection to your brand. That “emotion” they feel after walking away from your station will make them remember you more. It will be something they’ll want to tell others at the tradeshow, helping to create a buzz and drive more people to check you out.   

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Show don’t tell
Anyone can tell the story about how they started a business. But why tell when you can show? Driving people to your booth with experiential tactics peaks their interest and makes them want to know more about you. Dive in and take advantage to talk yourself up! Your interactive booth now opens the door for you to upsell your product or service.


Incorporate social media
Tradeshows are massive, and you can increase your reach with social media. After people have the chance to experience your brand, they’ll be more likely to post on social media about it. Create a hashtag and encourage them to post pictures of videos of themselves at your booth. This can extend your reach to those at home, generating interest outside of the tradeshow.

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Interactive booths for win
Innovative technology now dominates the market and gives a brand a higher ROI. Forbes contributor Jessica Gonzalez reports, “74% of respondents say they are more likely to purchase products promoted via branded events, and the same percentage felt more positive about brands and products after an experiential interaction.” With this increase in interest for customers wanting to try before they buy, you’re better off investing in something interactive.

The customizable technology at Pixperience is one that will bring in those passing by your booth. Check out our services to see what is the best option for you at your next tradeshow.