Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Planning an Event

event planning avoid mistakesThere’s a lot of pressure to get it right when planning an event. Learning a few key lessons ahead of time is crucial, not only to the effectiveness of your event but also to the reputation of your company. Take a little stress off your plate while still reaching your target audience effectively, and — dare we say — having fun all at the same time. With the right information, suddenly those business goals can become business realities.

Here are some mistakes to avoid when pulling off the next corporate event:

  1. Not building in enough planning time.
    Not enough advanced preparation can lead to less-than-ideal numbers on the guest list, reverting to Plan B (or C) speakers, or scrounging for average vendors. Start with an almost insane amount of prep time and the pieces will be more likely to fall into place.
  2. Choosing the wrong event venue.
    Ask yourself and/or your venue contact questions like: Is this venue appropriate for what you’re trying to accomplish with your event? Can it accommodate the equipment and technology needed? Is there enough room? Ample parking? Can guests navigate to the venue easily? The setting is one of the biggest difference-makers. You’ll thank yourself later.
  3. Relying on outdated technology.
    Having a poor registration process can bungle even the most straightforward of signups. Most event planners and managers have evolved into using event apps for easy RSVPs and as a one-stop-shop for accommodating guests’ needs. Implementing social media features like event hashtags and live streams give you an even wider audience. Adding sophisticated technology 360 degree photo booths will deliver the increased energy your event needs to be a hit while also taking your company’s ROI to new heights.

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  4. Refusing to follow a standard process that can be applied to all future events. Things can fall through the cracks, and having a baseline process will raise your awareness and keep the scope and budget in mind. Have a set list of procedures, including a packing list for what needs to be available at the event venue, and give yourself a chance to be organized.
  1. Failing to adapt to event changes.
    A change in plans can happen on a regular basis leading up to the big day, because life is fickle, and refusing to roll with the punches can result in a budget that’s off the charts or an unrealistic timeline. Document and communicate well and often and you’ll be able to handle these abrupt shifts.
  2. Not confirming with vendors.
    Call or email your scheduled vendors. They have a lot to remember too, and it’s easy to let something slip, even if it’s major. Checking in about 48 hours before event setup means you’ll have the chance to actually sleep the night before.
  3. Eliminating the possibility for a contingency plan.
    Expect the worst and be pleasantly surprised. Brainstorming worse-case scenarios with proper solutions will give you more control over unexpected circumstances, not to mention major peace of mind in a demanding time. Double-check your list one more time to put yourself at ease and make you more confident that all the little details have been covered.
  4. Forgetting to thank the people involved.
    There’s still one more step after the event has come and gone. Whether you prefer the phone, email, or good ol’ fashioned pen and paper, take time to thank everyone that helped you make the event happen. Flawless events don’t materialize without support and it’s nice to acknowledge your appreciation. Saying thanks also fosters the relationship for future occasions.

Now that you have all the necessary components, it’s time to start dreaming up what’s possible. To gain inspiration, watch a sample launch party video or see some of Pixperience’s other work. Let us help you build an event that will reach the right audience and increase demand for your company’s services. Learn more about the services we provide, whether you need 360 photo booths, green screens or custom video and photo pages. We’re passionate about helping businesses like yours.

And best of luck with your next event!