5 of the Most Effective Experiential Marketing Campaigns

experiential marketing trendsSo you’ve warmed to the idea of bringing in new customers through interactive experiences. For many businesses across the globe, implementing promotional strategies that use experiential marketing has proven to be a wise idea. At first, it may seem like experiential marketing is a gimmicky way to simply capture attention momentarily, but the right campaigns and up-to-date tools attract and hold attention in a uniquely powerful way.

Showing is better than telling. Below are some incredible examples of experiential marketing at work.

  • Zappos
    The popular shoe site took the worst and busiest travel day of the year, the day before Thanksgiving, and made it a delightfully memorable experience for one of its most loyal markets. In Houston, Zappos gave a baggage carousel a serious makeover by transforming it into a Wheel of Fortune-inspired game, doling out prizes to travelers along with their luggage.
  • Globetrotter
    The European sports equipment company gave consumers the opportunity to test out its products firsthand with a weather chamber. Donning Globetrotter brand gear, customers stepped into a chamber that doused them with rain and storm-grade winds. Some of the stores were even equipped with a freeze chamber that dropped to -30 degrees Celsius plus wind chill. Needless to say, these chambers certainly left an impact on Globetrotter’s potential buyers.
  • Red Bull
    This energy drink producer outdid itself when it asked skydiver Felix Baumgartner to participate in the world’s highest skydive. Baumgartner made the leap an impressive 24 miles above Earth with ease. Word quickly spread and clips of the feat popped up all over the place, the skydive transforming into a skyrocketing of brand awareness and sales.
  • Nike
    The famous athletic brand developed a “chalkbot” to use at the Tour de France. The roving vehicle dispensed hopeful messages from tweeters around the world to riders along the route. The vehicle also took photos and chalk notes from the ride to send back to those encouraging tweeters. The chalkbot was an experiential marketing effort to promote Livestrong, and it led to a 46% increase in apparel sales.
  • Dyson
    The brand known for its innovative solutions for ordinary household products needed an equally innovative campaign for their foray into the beauty industry. Dyson asked Pixperience to create a 360 degree photo booth for the launch of the new Dyson Supersonic hairdryer. Attendees directly interacted with the new product in the the booth, posing with friends and colleagues in wigs color-coordinated with the hair dryer. Guests had the images instantly delivered to their inboxes in order to easily share their memories across all social media channels, getting the message out even further.

When incorporated correctly, experiential marketing can pay off in a big way. It pays off to invest in your interaction with potential clients, and bizarre tactics are actually encouraged in certain circumstances. Just make sure the campaign is aligned with your business goals, brand and reputation, and watch people flock to what your company provides.

Try out a 3D photo booth, also known as a bullet time photo booth, to test the waters. Let your target audience become an integral part of the action with this high-tech experiential marketing resource. 360 degree booths raise any corporate event, gala, launch party or trade show to a staggeringly impressive level of energy, not to mention brand awareness.

At Pixperience, we provide the most updated experiential marketing tools proven to increase revenue and draw the right kind of attention to your company. Browse our portfolio or watch the Dyson launch party video to see what’s possible. Talk to us when you’re ready to discuss your next customized project.