4 Reasons Why Experiential Marketing is Successful

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Marketing is getting tougher these days. What once worked five years ago, doesn’t have the same impact as it does now. How could that be? Mastercard’s CMO Raja Rajamannar explained to Adweek, “With the amount of clutter you’ve got to cut through, the attention span of the consumer going down.” This is why more brands are bypassing traditional marketing tactics and utilizing experiential marketing. 

It’s time to think of another way to reach your market. Here are some of the reasons why brands are seeing such success with experiential marketing.

Consumers are more likely to build a trusting relationship with your brand

Getting a consumer to trust you when you explain your product to them is difficult. Without them having the opportunity to see and experience it, they can be wary of whether or not your product is as great as you are making it out to be. Experiential marketing changes all of that. Freeman’s CMO Chris Cavanaugh says, “There’s a consensus among marketers that brand experience builds loyalty.” Especially after an event or trade show where the consumer gets the chance to interact with your product, their perception of your brand improves, and they’ll be more likely to be a long-term customer.

You get more real-time data

Tracking your success at an event is critical. While consumers wait in line to test your product or enjoy an attraction you have at your booth, use this time to capture data. Not only do you get a headcount of how many people stopped by your booth or attended your event, but you also get their contact information to follow up with. Additionally, use this moment to speak with them and get their immediate feedback. If your product is not yet ready to bring to market, take any comments back to your product team and see if there is something you can do before the final release. 

Consumers gain a better understanding of your product

When a consumer can use their five senses, they grasp a better understanding of what the product is and whether or not they’d like to purchase it. Forbes reports, “about 65% of consumers say that live events and product demonstrations helped them fully understand a product better than any commercial or other method could.” The likelihood of a consumer purchasing products at events increases when they are able to test it first.

The fastest way to market your brand

One of the reasons brands are seeing such success with exponential marketing is that it is face-to-face interaction with your target market. Commercials and ads can only go so far these days. With the number of ways people can skip through commercials or block ads, it is becoming tougher to grab consumers attention for enough time to explain your product. All of that changes when you attend an event or trade show. Consumers go to these types of events because they are interested in learning more about your product. This is your chance to shine and show off your product by having them interact with it.

As more consumers demand personalized products, experiential marketing becomes more important to a brand. Brands who work with us at trade shows get the face time with consumers and data they need to expand their products. Learn more about what our services can do for you at your next event.