Pixperience Client Profile: TMP Worldwide

Human Resources executives and technology partners gathered for the annual HR Technology Conference & Expo held in Chicago this year. The largest conference combining the HR and IT communities, this is a highly anticipated industry event for all involved. TMP Worldwide was eager to snag a booth and we were honored to assist in making it a memorable one.

360 Degree Photo Booth

TMP Worldwide is a global digital recruiting technology company that aims to transform the way people search for candidates while helping businesses exceed their recruiting goals. An international leader in talent acquisition technologies, TMP is an award-winning company devising solutions that integrate software, strategy and creative. Its employees have changed the way companies connect with candidates, and they enlisted our help to change the way they connect with their potential customers.

We worked with the folks at TMP Worldwide to build an engaging and captivating experience for HR Tech attendees with a 360 degree photo booth. If you haven’t yet experienced one of these booths for yourself, imagine an image taken from several angles simultaneously, then combined into a rotating 360 degree view. They’re able to capture a moment in time and amplify its impact.

TMP’s 360 photo booth created an instant buzz at the conference, giving an opportunity for attendees to let loose and be themselves. Striking poses in a 3D photo booth that displayed TMP’s clever branding along with suggested hashtags for the event, an incomparable energy pervaded the area. See for yourself by watching the event video.


A 360 photo booth gave TMP the hype they deserve, and it can do the same for your company. These booths allow guests access to images by automatically delivering them to their inboxes, plus links to private event microsites for shareable photos worthy of all their social media channels.

At Pixperience, custom bullet time photo booths like these are our passion. We love tailoring each booth’s specifications to align with our client’s business goals and the overall look and feel of their events. 360 degree photo booths like the one used at the HR Technology Conference & Expo provide the canvas for long-lasting event memories that give your company and its products a platform for greatness.