5 Trade Show Tips for Making the Most of Your Investment

Planning trade show booths can be time-intensive and heavy on the details. In order to make your booth a success, it’s best to have a comprehensive plan. Fortunately, below are five simple but impactful ways to do just that.

  1. Have a clear, purposeful strategy.
    List goals for the trade show and check (and double-check) your promotional materials. Make sure those goals are both realistic and measurable, and that you measure the results once the event is over. They also need to be consistent with business goals and marketing and PR campaigns.
  2. Create a pitch or demo that stands out.
    Devise an engaging presentation that will attract guests but that will also show them how your product or service can solve real problems. Make sure you talk to others involved in the project to ensure brand consistency and alignment of business objectives.
  3. Make your booth inviting.
    Compose a memorable experience for your audience. Take your booth to the next level by including a 360º photo booth. This photography phenomenon captures a moment in time shown from a full 360 degrees. These 3D photo booths, also known as bullet time photo booths, allow guests to be an integral part of the action.Conference Freeze Photo Booth
  4. Get social.
    You already know that networking is crucial to success at trade shows and other events, but you can never be reminded too often. The more open to conversations you are, the more opportunities avail themselves to you.

    And when we say social, we also mean social media. This is a key element to achieving that buzz around your booth you’ve been looking for. Encourage guests to share images to all social media channels and round out your reach.

    If you decide to go with a 360 or 180 photo booth or a custom photo or video activation the job is done for you. Guests can view and share these visuals via social media with only a few touches to their phone screens. These shareable pages can be easily integrated into your campaign and match your branding.

  5. Follow up with guests post-event.
    After you’ve talked until your throat is sore, go back and crash. Once you’ve recovered, send out emails to guests a few days later to reiterate the messages you communicated in your booth. Our customized registration process makes lead generation and follow-up a snap. Make your emails as personal and as concise as possible. You can even include the data collected from the 360 booth experience. For example, send along the guest’s photo in your email. This is also a great opportunity to collect feedback from guests so that you learn how to make improvements for the next show.

Make your next booth fool-proof with these tips and you’ll be swarmed with guests when they day finally arrives. At Pixperience, we have a plethora of features that will give your presentation instant buzzworthy status. Learn more by viewing our services or by contacting us today.