You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea: Understanding Your Target Audience for Corporate Events

corporate event target audienceCorporate event planning should focus on the needs of your target audience. Otherwise it’s just a big, expensive party that really stresses you out for a few months. Starting corporate events off with a proverbial bang (no literal pyrotechnics recommended indoors) means delivering a message about your company that gives your sales and marketing efforts a serious kick in the pants.

In order to boost ROI, it’s necessary to structure the design of your corporate event and allow the end goal to inform the process. Your target audience is the center of that, so your list needs to be well-defined with a clear strategy in place to hook them.

Be the Company They’re Going to Call
Forget Ghostbusters, know the problems that only your company can solve. What’s your unique value? Why should people care? What makes you stand out from your competition? Your website, social channels and overall messaging need to answer these questions somewhat succinctly so that attendees can grasp your offerings ahead of time.

Have a Handle on Audience Behavior
Event attendees are evolving at a steady clip, and are, dare we say, fickle. Knowing how to adapt to the constant changes in the market translates to hitting the books on audience behavior. Scour the list of attendees just short of stalking them so that you can provide the right information about your company on the big day. That way, the conversations you have around your products and/or services can be catered to the “right” people, and you’ll be prepared to answer their questions before they even ask them.

Treat Your Target Audience Like an Orange
AKA know how to segment. Search your current client database to establish the ideal client profile(s), or persona(s). Think about your favorite client, the one that if cloned would put you at your desired growth rate (and make everyone uncomfortable when it leads you to display your dad-like dance moves on top of someone’s desk). Evaluate patterns from this existing data like: company size, industry, age, purchase history, etc. Cluster the heck out of them until you’ve found a solid representative sample based on size and proxy rate.

Follow Through Like You Never Did at Tennis Practice
Once you have gleaned enough data to understand your best potential customers, you need to show them your company has what it takes to deliver the goods. Generate demand with a cohesive marketing plan for the corporate event, one that doesn’t isolate the event but approaches messaging in concert with your other marketing activities. Make sure you tackle the tough questions, too. Do you know your audience’s key motivators? Can your audience afford you? Are there enough companies that fit your criteria? Will this audience see the need for what you provide? These are the bones of your corporate event platform. Then, you’ll know how to exceed expectations when the time is right.

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