If you’re considering renting a  360º photo booth at your next event, you probably have a few questions. Here are some we hear on a pretty regular basis.

What is a 360 Photo Booth?

That’s what we like to call it. Maybe you call it a bullet time photo booth or refer to it as the Matrix cam or a Frozen Moment or Glam Cam. In a nutshell, we take your photo from multiple angles using dozens of dSLR cameras, stitch them all together so that you can freeze a moment (showing off your red carpet glitz at the gala, a high five or your best jump).

360 freeze photo booth
We use the same techniques found in blockbuster films and bring them right to your event. Having the Hollywood treatment feels nice sometimes.

Are you able to do an event in my city?

Austin? Check! Washington, DC! Yup!  Houston? No problem. The short answer is: we do work across North America. With systems throughout the US, we are able to work wherever you need us. From New York to Miami and LA to San Francisco and all points in between.  We also love eating our way across the country. Boston Baked beans, Cincinnati Chili. And, for the record: we think ribs are great either Memphis or Kansas City style.

New York City
How many people can you photograph per hour?

It only takes a fraction of a second to take the photo, and within 10 seconds, your guests can view their photo on a monitor and have it in their e-mail. With regular, consistent lines of guests, you can expect to go through anywhere between 45-60 sessions per hour.  We’ve had as many as 20 people squeeze into the booth, too. This not only creates lots of opportunities for fun photos of your guests, but it also helps to increase your brand reach. The more people that go through the booth, the more likely they are to share their photo on social media.

Can we brand the photos or the 360 booth
Of course! Our booth is totally customizable and we can brand it to suit the needs of you or your client. From custom backgrounds, to a fully branded 360 booth experience  top to bottom. All of our digital assets are customizable as well to match the look and feel of your campaign.

Conference Freeze Photo Booth Questions

About Pixperience
We’ve been working exclusively in the experiential and event space for nearly a decade. We understand our clients needs and those of your consumer. At the end of the day, we want to create amazing digital experiences that people will share and remember. If you have more questions, get in touch.