360 Photo Booth Boston

A comedy club in the attic of a Chinese restaurant. A church turned into a nonprofit art deco theater. The oldest restaurant in America. Combining old and new concepts through both rich history and fresh innovations, Boston is truly the gem of the Commonwealth. A bulwark of law, medicine, business and engineering, it’s no wonder this city is considered a world leader in entrepreneurship and innovation.

There are approximately 2,000 startups residing in Boston alone. There’s never been a better time to cut through the competition and claim your piece of the cream pie known as industry.

Make an incredibly memorable statement at your next launch party, corporate event, tradeshow and more with the multi-camera experience of a 360 degree photo booth. A 360 photo booth instantly raises the energy in the room while acting as a loudspeaker for your branding and messaging. Plus, guests are instantly sent event photos directly to their inboxes after the first snap of your booth.

At Pixperience, we’ve worked with Royal Caribbean, Dyson, Under Armour, Brita, HBO, Salesforce, Autotrader and other big-name brands to take their marketing efforts to the next level of awesome. Brand activation and experiential marketing have never looked quite like this in the past. Complete with green screens, event microsites and custom photo and video pages, let us deliver a full view of what makes your company stand out.

  • Photo and video activation
  • Bullet Time Photo Booths
  • Data capture and lead generation
  • Event microsites
  • Personalized client campaign solutions
  • Detailed, measurable reporting of ROI and other metrics

From Beacon Hill to Jamaica Plain, capture your event’s best moments in ways you never dreamed possible with bullet time photo boothsTalk to us to learn more about how our services can impact your company’s bottom line. With the right experiential marketing resources, people will be lining up outside of your company like it’s game-time at Fenway.